Friday, September 23, 2016

About Me

           I am a sophomore at FUHS this year. I live in Fortuna, California on the coast of Humboldt county. I moved to Fortuna the summer before eighth grade and have made many close friends over the past couple of years. I am very excited for the school year and hope to do good in all my classes. As of right now my favorite class is chemistry. I am on the girls varsity soccer team at Fortuna high and play as a defender and on occasion I play offense. I really like my class at Fortuna high because we all seem to be such close friends with one another. this year I am really looking forward to homecoming, attending the school games and creating new memories with my close friends.
          My favorite thing to do when I can is reading. When I first moved to Fortuna and started eighth grade I was not a social butterfly so I pretty much was reading constantly to help with my nervousness of being the new girl. My favorite color if blue and I love movies. The last two summers my friend and I went to go see at least 2 movies a week. It really helped that I only lived two blocks away from the theater in town. I really enjoy traveling with my family. This last summer I went camping for two weeks, then straight to Chicago, then to Oregon for youth conference. I love making new friends so I'm excited to start this blog.   


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