Friday, September 23, 2016

Feflection on Place and Culture

          I am very proud of my religion. I am apart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints (aka LDS or Mormon). I have a firm testimony of my beliefs and I will always stand my standards and do what the Lord has commanded of me. I was born into the church and was baptized at the age of eight. I have always enjoyed attending church on the Sabbath and learning about the Lords work. I am currently attending seminary before school and we are studying the New Testament. Last year we learned about the Old Testament and I gain more knowledge and a better understanding that almost everything symbolizes the sacrifice of the only begotten.
         One thing I would change is how people see the 'Mormons'. Most of the time when we are brought up, we are not put in at good light. Some people think we are a cult which is not true. Some people think that we wear magical underwear which again is not true. And for some odd reason some people think that we kill bunnies which gain is so not true. Then when we want to explain the truth they don't want to hear it. People should soften their hearts and allow to explain the truth.

About Me

           I am a sophomore at FUHS this year. I live in Fortuna, California on the coast of Humboldt county. I moved to Fortuna the summer before eighth grade and have made many close friends over the past couple of years. I am very excited for the school year and hope to do good in all my classes. As of right now my favorite class is chemistry. I am on the girls varsity soccer team at Fortuna high and play as a defender and on occasion I play offense. I really like my class at Fortuna high because we all seem to be such close friends with one another. this year I am really looking forward to homecoming, attending the school games and creating new memories with my close friends.
          My favorite thing to do when I can is reading. When I first moved to Fortuna and started eighth grade I was not a social butterfly so I pretty much was reading constantly to help with my nervousness of being the new girl. My favorite color if blue and I love movies. The last two summers my friend and I went to go see at least 2 movies a week. It really helped that I only lived two blocks away from the theater in town. I really enjoy traveling with my family. This last summer I went camping for two weeks, then straight to Chicago, then to Oregon for youth conference. I love making new friends so I'm excited to start this blog.